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The company O.L.ME.VA. was set up in Brescia in 1958 with 10 employees ad specializes in grinding and honing of high-accurancy mechanical component parts. In a quality oriented market, O.L.ME.VA. has gradually developed its production capacity with new working bays - milling, turning, working centres, to put together the various assemblies leaving the various working lines.
Extremely versatile production has enabled the company to enter the market of connecting-rod assemblies and drive shafts for motor-cycles, compressors, motor-driven pumps and tractor engines with a production range of first-class quality component parts.
After the incorporation of two new affiliates, today O.L.ME.VA. is a leading European manufacturer in this field of activity with more than 200 employees.
Olmeva Veduta aerea della sede
Portables 6 m³/h
Portables from 8.4 m³/h
Trasportables 13/16 m³/h
Trasportables 20/30 m³/h
Compressori Compact 6
Compressori Compact8.4
Compressori CR 13-16-electronic
Compressori CR 20 electronic
Silents from 6 m³/h
Silents from 8 m³/h
Supersilents 12/17 m³/h
Supersilents 20/30 m³/h
Compressori Compact 6 VS
Compressori Compact 8.4 VS
Compressori Compact VS 17
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